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trysha's Journal

13 February 1973
I am the nap dragon. You will nap.

I promote naps and naptime (but only in moderation) free naps for all! (you have permission to nap)

I like cheese. I also like ice cream. Oh yeah, I like other dragons, but not to eat.

I also like these ))))))))))))) and these ((((((.
They are fun.

Version: 3.12
GCS/MU d+ s+:-- a? C+++ U++++$ P++++$ L++++$ E+>++ W+++ N+ o K+ w---
O- M++ V PS++ PE- Y++ PGP++ t+ 5++ X+ R* !tv b++ DI D--- G+ e>++
h++>--- r++>+++ x?

PEEM! As you can tell, fun is key.
42, 80's music, ad&d, anime, avengers, bad movies, baitcon, bdsm, being silly, board games, bondage, bubblebaths, caffeine, cambridge, card games, celtic music, cheapass games, cheese, chosen family, classical music, coffee, cold nights, comics, contra dancing, crafts, creativity, cuddling, curiosity, curling up, d&d, dap, dark chocolate, dark humor, daydreaming, death and pineapples, dftba, doctor who, dragons, dreaming, dreams, dungeons & dragons, dungeons and dragons, early music, eccentrics, eschwa, eschwabbs, fan fiction, fantasy, fate core, firefly, flogging molly, forgotten realms, fun, fuzzy snuggly things, gaming, gay rights, goth, growf, guardians of the galaxy, happiness, harry potter, hothead paisan, hugging, hugs, human rights, imagination, indigo girls, intimacy, kink, knitting, love, lucid dreams, make believe, manga, mangos, marvel cosmic, massachusetts, mbta, meeping, migraines, mit, nap, napping, naps, oddness, oh my goddess, orchestra, paranoia, pathfinder, people watching, pianos, pillows, playing, pocket dragons, polyamory, pomegranates, programming, quiet evenings, randomness, recorder, role playing, role playing games, role-playing online, rpga, rpgs, s&m, sci-fi, science fiction, sewing, shiny things, silly movies, skuld, sleep, smooth rocks, snow, snuggling, soft things, solitude, spirituality, steampunk, strangeness, stuffed animals, sunbeams, sushi, tarot, tea, the t, thinking, thunderstorms, torchwood, trombone, trust, unix, urban legends, vespa, video games, vmware, warm places, weirdness, weirdos, wikipedia, world of warcraft


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